In a Mobile-First World, Shorter Video Ads Drive Results

As people spend more and more time on mobile, it’s important for advertisers to understand how viewing habits are changing. Mark Rabkin, Facebook’s VP of Ads & Business Platform, outlined this last June saying, “because people can watch virtually anything at any time, they’re only going to watch ads that grab their attention, reward their time, and are immediately relevant. As a consequence, even though aggregate ad view time is up, individual session times are down. People aren't watching ads for as long as they used to, on any medium.”

The power of 6-second ads

Champs Sports, a Footlocker brand, tested 30-second video ads and 6-second video ads to see which was more effective. In this case, the 6-second ads delivered an 11% increase in estimated ad recall, 12% increase in return on ad spend and 271% increase in video completion rate—proving to be most effective in driving results for the brand. The 6-second ads also resulted in incremental lift across several other key metrics including conversion rate, average purchase value and clickthrough rate.

The test also showed that people are more inclined to remember an ad that quickly communicates the message and grabs people’s attention. Average watch time for both the 6-second and 30-second video ads was the same, but ad recall was significantly higher for the 6-second ads. The difference in ad recall underlines the importance of keeping video ads short and communicating key messages in the first few seconds.